03 August 2012


Several of our neighbors have plum trees and practically begged us to pick some plums. This year I decided that I wanted to try my hand at making plum jam. Since my mom has all the supplies, I figured I'd do it while I'm home this weekend for Brule Day.

Here's the thing: Canning is time-consuming and canning plums is HARD. There's a lot of prep work involved and getting all those pits out is, well, the pits. But, we finished with 16 jars of plum jam. Probably just enough to give away to Benny's teachers for Christmas. I picked enough plums for at least two more batches. However, at this point, I think we'll just compost the plums. Maybe I'll get motivated to can something a little less pit-y.

Fresh from the garden: plums (from a neighbor's tree).


Ann Wyse said...

Looks delicious! I wonder if there's something creative and funny to do with all those pits so that you can doubly appreciate all your hard work?

Sara Struckman said...

Great idea! We ended up composting all those pits. Yikers. The jam turned out pretty well, despite our amateur status. I'll stick with non-pit fruit for jams for now on!