21 August 2012

|| Pause

Ever wanted to pause life? Just because it's so perfect. And happy. And wonderful. I want to pause life right now. I want to pause it so we can come back to it someday and relive it.

August has been a magical month. The weather and the kids and the friends and the gatherings. They make me appreciate all that I have. Benny and Lila have been going through a very good "phase" together. We tend to remember the hard phases (teething, no sleeping, temper tantrums), but sometimes it's difficult to remember that there are good phases too. And you don't necessarily recognize them until they're gone.

Benny is becoming a little man. He puts his dishes in the dishwasher now without being told. He wants to learn how to tie his own shoes. He feels responsible for Lila when she's wandering off. He wants to help her when she's struggling. He loves to play with friends and make new friends. And he's a GOOD friend.

Last night, Benny was eating a pepper right off the plant in the garden. He looked at Nate and said, "Thanks for planting these, Dad." He said it so matter of factly, so genuinely that Nate teared up.

Lila is learning how to talk and express herself. Sometimes this includes dramatically throwing herself on the floor, which is usually pretty funny. She says "No way" instead of just "No." If I ask her to do something she says "OK." She has peed and pooped in the potty - all on her own accord. I recently bought her a tea pot set at a garage sale. Now she makes us coffee. There's nothing like learning from your parents!

With my relatively new and relaxed schedule, Nate and I actually have time to talk to each other. Last night we reflected on our weekend for a blissful hour while sitting outside in the cool night air.

Sometimes I get so caught up with schedules and responsibilities and stress that I forget that THIS is what we live for - these moments that make me remember how lucky I am.


April said...

I loved this! What a genuinely positive post. It makes me want to take a breather and just appreciate everything I have. Thank you!

Sara Struckman said...

Thank you! I need to remind myself - almost every day! Hope all is well with your family!