13 August 2012

Viva Weekend!

We've had a lot of great weekends this summer. However, things came together this weekend to make it epic.

First, a friend of ours invited Benny and Lila to the zoo for her company picnic.

Lila had to nap after lunch, so Benny got to stay at the zoo for the elephant and seal shows.

Second, my friend Jayne (aka Pretty Girl) flew in for the weekend and we celebrated my birthday with several friends at Jonesy's near downtown. It was fun to see everyone dressed up and sans kids!

Third, Viva Streets was held this weekend. Viva Streets is modeled after the Cyclovia in South America where streets close to cars and allow people to walk and ride freely. In Denver, 23rd Street is closed from Colorado Blvd. to the Stapleton neighborhood (about three miles). Riding is so much more enjoyable when you don't have to worry about cars! It's also a great neighborhood event. We ran into neighbors, friends from Benny's school and others throughout the day.

Finally, the weather was absolutely perfect all weekend. Not too hot, but nice and sunny. We finished the weekend with a summer garden feast. Everything but the pork chops we grilled came from our garden or from a neighbor's peach tree. Recipes coming soon!

It's always good to have Pretty Girl in town, but this weekend was doubly special with all the fun events. We miss her already!

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