06 August 2012

Pig Out '12

I can't exactly remember when I started the Pig Out tradition, but I'm guessing it was in 5th grade or so. My friends Caley, Niki and Anna would come out for my birthday and spend the night. We made fondue and other "exotic" foods, drank super sugary soda and stayed up super late (1 a.m.). I think we continued the Pig Out tradition for at least four or five years.

This year, for my 35th birthday, all of these ladies were back in town for Brule Day. We had a little Pig Out reunion - the first since we ended the tradition in high school. It was a happy day.

Caley and Zoey (her mini-me) and Lila and me (my mini-me).
Caley, me, Anna and Niki in the old music room at the school.

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