11 September 2012

Dear Fall,

I am READY for you! After suffering though another hot day (and night) yesterday, I could use a few 60-degree days. I know that means that winter and snow and ice are just around the corner, but my scarves and boots need love too. Know what, my skinny jeans still fit, so I need to hurry up and wear them before the holidays hit. Plus, my summer wardrobe is TIRED! It just needs as rest.

I'm ready for pumpkin bread, and easier runs, and smashing tomato soup. I'm ready to try those brussel sprouts in our garden. I'm ready for brisk mornings and cool evenings. I just ready, dammit.

Plus, do you see these cute boots I just bought. I bought them for you and totally snubbed the Denver Half-Marathon.

Although Denver had a high of 80 degrees today, I wore a scarf and boots.
I couldn't resist.

Come on, Fall, I miss you!



Ann Wyse said...

Yes. I'm totally ready, too.

Sara Struckman said...

Looks like fall finally found us - if only for a few days...