10 September 2012


We don't need no stinkin' toys!

Over the past few days, I've been wondering why we even bother buying toys for the kids (and, for the record, we really don't - they mostly get toys as a gift). The kids seem perfectly content to empty the cupboards of random stuff or strip the beds to create their own play spaces. And you know what? That's OK by me.

On Saturday Benny built an elaborate contraption for making basil pizza:

And today he was building himself a two-room house on the couch. He is standing in the bathroom:

It's so fun to watch his imagination grow. And to see Lila mimic all of his crazy, silly ideas.


Amanda said...

So, have you ever put out requests to relatives for no toys? How do you handle this?

Sara Struckman said...

Oh yes, many times. It never takes hold. We've tried having everyone pitch in on a big gift as well, but they just end up pitching in and buying lots of little gifts as well. I remind my parents frequently about giving less gifts and focusing on spending time with the kids (which they do a lot of too). I've come to terms with it (sort of).

Also, I put "please let your presence be your gift on every birthday invitation" and people STILL buy gifts.

Good luck!