23 September 2012

Lila Le Lou Turns TWO!

Lila's real birthday isn't until later this week, but we celebrated her in style this weekend. I'm not much for big parties. Personally, I'm not a "crafty" person and I don't enjoy decorating or coming up with fun games for kids. I prefer to think that I'm "old fashioned" when it comes to birthday parties - simple events with good friends. You could also say I'm cheap, but I think old fashioned is a nice euphemism.

Thanks to all of Benny's friends who now having siblings, Lila has quite a few built-in friends and we've met many wonderful families through Benny's daycare/pre-school. As a result, we (I) decided that I didn't want to host a big party at the house. There's a wonderful park about a mile from our house that's perfect for kids' parties.

Lila enjoyed playing with her friends and eating cake. She wasn't too keen on the happy birthday song (she wailed while we sang). Overall, I think she had a wonderful birthday party thanks to all the good friends. We didn't see too much of Benny because he was busy running around with his friends.

Nana Jean made Lila's cake this year. She does an amazing job!
All the grandparents representing!
My dad couldn't make it due to an early harvest.
Lila and her friend Addy.
Lila and her best school friend Blakey.

The kids played for an hour or so (and watched a wedding take place in a different area of the park!), ate a light dinner and then destroyed the awesome cake!

Happy birthday, my lovely little lady! You add so much joy to our family! We can't wait to see you grow and communicate and make more friends and learn!

Enjoy being TWO, Lila!

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Simply Bike said...

Happy Birthday, little Lila! That cake looks amazing and I love that last photo of her on the table with it. Looks like a lovely birthday party (I'm a fan of park parties as well).