03 October 2012


For the past few days, I have let Lila run around the house sans pants after changing her diaper. It's not a full-on diaper-free experiment. I'm conditioning her for what is to come on Friday: I will be packing up all of the diapers (save for a few that we'll need while running errands and naps) and she will be naked full-time for four days. It's the diaper-free method of potty training that I've mentioned in the past.

Here's the quick run down: If you want to train your toddler quickly, allow her to run around naked for three days. That's right, don't put anything on her bottom - because even underwear gives her the sensation that her pee and poop is absorbed somewhere. Give her lots of juice and salty snacks to encourage drinking. Then encourage her to sit on the potty frequently. 

I tried this method with Benny THREE times without much success. If it doesn't work the first time, experts recommend waiting a month or two to try again. I'm willing to try the method again with Lila because she seems ready. Today, for example, while she was naked, she asked for a diaper. I could tell she needed to go to the bathroom because she was dancing around a bit. I encouraged her to sit on the potty. When she wouldn't, I tempted her with the promise of looking at photos on my phone. Last week the motivation was having Benny read to her. She's very fickle, this potty trainer. But today, she peed in the potty twice.

Although I know that I'm jinxing myself, I think we may have a breakthrough here. 

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