25 October 2012

Batman: In the Beginning

Benny's Batman costume is coming together. I've acquired all of the required items to create a superhero costume for my little superhero. The items above must eventually assembled into something similar to this:

The yellow and black patch will be larger and the belt a wee bit smaller. But otherwise, Benny will be a spitting image of Adam West, with the attitude of Christian Bale. OK, maybe not quite so dark.

What I'm using:
  • Grey long underwear ($12)
  • Felt for Batman patch ($2)
  • Glue gun to attach everything ($7)
  • Batman mask ($6)
  • Light for belt ($4)

Total: $31 - about $10 more than I would have spent if I had just bought the costume. But, we'll use the long underwear for pajamas this year and the glue gun will be added to the pile of craft supplies I use once a year.

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