07 October 2012

Diaper-Free, Day Three

Quick update: Our diaper-free weekend has shown progression and regression. Two steps forward, one step back. We're trending up though, so that's encouraging. Day one saw Lila pee in the potty three times and poop in the potty once. We had a last minute babysitting opportunity in the evening on Friday, so Nate and I took advantage of having some time to ourselves. We sent Lila to our neighbors' house without a diaper on, but she refused to sit on the toilet and went pee in her pants twice

Day two was mostly successful, with two accidents and lots of sitting on the to the potty. Several times she even told me that she needed to go to the bathroom and went into the bathroom by herself. We did have dinner plans last night, so I put Lila in diaper for most of the night. She didn't ask to use the bathroom and I didn't push it.

We've only just begun day three. So far, we've had two successful potty attempts and one accident while Lila was sitting in her booster.

The take away from this fairly detailed account of Lila's bathroom experiences is that the diaper-free portion is definitely working - it's when she has something, anything on her butt that she has problems. Hopefully more progress in the second half of the day and through tomorrow!

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