04 October 2012

Making Batman

It's that time of year! The one time every year that I use up a year's worth of  my crafty brain cells on one holiday: Halloween. I feel strongly about making homemade costumes or re-using costumes. I refuse to buy store-bought costumes - mostly out of principle. Prior to last year, I always used hand-me-down costumes. Benny has been a bee, Dumbo and dinosaur. Last year, Lila was a frog. All four costumes came from generous friends.

Last year, Benny decided he wanted to be an astronaut. We worked on that costume for over a month!

This year Benny requested a Batman costume. Ugh. I can get a bit creative on some things, but superheros - especially an all-black superhero - are not my strong suit. So, I've decided to go old school on it - grey long underwear with bright yellow and black accents. Something a little like this...

I will be using a glue stick this year! The good news is that Benny can wear the long underwear as pjs this winter. It gets pretty COLD in our house, so we'll need some new long johns anyway.

A favor - does anyone have a black cape I could borrow? If you're out of town, I'm happy to pay for shipping.

Don't worry, I'll keep you all updated every painful step of the way!


Jolly Green Mama said...

you can make a cape by taking an old large black shirt. cut off the sleeves and front, leaving the neckline attached and the back cut on the diagonal to "flow"- then, cut the neckline and use velcro to attach back. we did this for honora's superhero party last year :)

Sara Struckman said...

Great idea! I may have to try that. We have a cape from a friend, but it has a generic batman logo on it. I'd like for the batman symbols to match :).