16 October 2012

School Days

Over one month in, and I think we're all getting used to this school thing. I haven't been in such a rush to get the kids out the door since I quit working in an office - and even then I allowed for some slack time. But, the bell at school rings at 7:55. And the kids best be in line! By 8, the doors are shut and parents must bring their tardy students to the office to check in. For someone who has "get there on time" anxiety, that's enough motivation to get to the school yard at least five minutes early.

As a result, I run a pretty tight ship in the morning. Kids up by 6:50. Benny dresses himself while I dress Lila. Make beds. Make breakfast and scarf it down. Then Benny must brush his teeth and put on his shoes while I gather all of the lunches, jackets, helmets, and bags. Somewhere in there I get dressed and pull up my hair. On the best of days, we're out the door by 7:30. Phew! On the not-so-best-of-days (aka the days when Lila throws all of her food on the floor or Benny shuts himself in the bathroom for 10 minutes), we rush rush rush to leave by 7:45.

Luckily, it's still nice enough that we can ride our bikes to school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I can't quite figure out how to ride bikes on Tuesday and Thursday since Lila's daycare is a bit too far for Benny on the bike, but I need to drop her off otherwise I wouldn't get home and to work until well after 8:45.

I have to say, the ride to school is one of the best parts of my day. Benny is still excited, if not a little anxious, to get to school and we talk through random topics. Lila rides in the bike trailer and chimes in every now and then.

P.S. Benny is a natural student. He seems to really enjoy his teachers and all of the things they're doing at school. Oh, and his reading has totally taken off. It's so cool to see him memorize and sound out words!

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