16 April 2008

All Growed Up

How is it that a little baby grows up into a little man so fast? I took Benny in for his first haircut in Ogallala, Nebraska this morning. The barber who cut his hair, Bud, has cut my dad's hair and my brothers' hair for years. He really only has one haircut: Super short. I nearly cried when he cut all of my baby's hair off.

Benny is pulling himself up on EVERYTHING now. The wall, the coffee table, my legs. It's slightly disturbing that if he loses his balance while climbing my legs, he pulls on the extra skin/flab to hold on. But, I digress. He's walking along things now and from object to object (chair to chair, couch to coffee table). He even stands without any help for several seconds at a time. He's not even nine months old. How did HE come out of me? A mystery for the ages.

In other news, I'm in Brule with my parents this week to accomplish something, anything. I've been searching for news articles in The Nation, National Review, and Mother Jones about Hillary Clinton, Condi Rice, and Nancy Pelosi. So far so good. This may sound incredibly lazy (and it is), but why don't all magazines put PDF files of each edition online? I wouldn't have to set foot in a library to complete this ordeal if this was the case. But, apparently magazines don't think of lazy grad students like me when they decide to publish their stuff online. Kudos to The Nation and National Review for allowing PDFs of their articles. I could drink a beer AND do research at the same time. Life is good.

Grandpa Mike is coming for a visit this weekend. I will have stories, guaranteed. Until then, I will work diligently on searching for magazine articles, gossip about celebrities, cute jewelry, and anything else I can find on the web. I am not horribly disciplined at this point.

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