28 April 2008

Oh, the Challenges, Part Trois

My "Oh, the Challenges" string of posts has been the most popular with readers so far. I guess complaining about one's husband is something that resonates with people. In Part Deux, I mentioned that someone had commented on my dissertation topic - the comments were sent via email, so they weren't available to other lucky readers. Here are the comments I received:

"My understanding of feminism is that it led to the realization that men and women are inherently equal (seems pretty fundamental to being human). However, are the masculine and the feminine equal in all things? Seems like we might be limited by semantics here.

"Anyway, I can go on and on (but you already know that). I just wanted to hit you back with some thoughts. Keep up the blog and I'll keep attempting to undermine everything you do ;-) Why? Because of my sense of the feminine. I'm just a bitch sometimes."

My response:

N. E., your definition of feminism is but one definition. There are many. The whole point of my dissertation is to look at why the media attempt to explain females who are in leadership positions during war and why it is natural for men to occupy those positions. I am not examining violent women, although I've done that in the past. Please follow this link to an abstract:


So, there's the string of comments - hope that makes more sense. It probably makes things more confusing.

It's nearly May. Nearly May?!? How did that happen? Is anyone else excited for spring? I love the blooms on the trees and the colors and the warmer weather. I also love that I'm not in Austin waiting to sweat my ass off in a few weeks when the humidity REALLY sets in. Sorry Austinites. Don't miss the sweat.

Time to get to work. Finally.

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