27 April 2008

Another Poop Story

Hopefully this is the last one, really. I hadn't planned on writing a bunch of poop stories on this blog, but the following is too good to keep to myself. Benny will be forever scared with this story.

We were in Brule for the weekend to help my parents sod their lawn. My sister, brother-in-law, and brother also joined us for the party. Nate and I have been undressing Benny about 15 minutes before his bedtime over the past week in the hopes of curing him of a nasty spell of diaper rash. Naked time is his favorite time of the day. He crawls around with his butt in the air in a position that most men would get arrested for. But, because he's 29 inches long and hairless, he's cute.

ANYWAY, he's peed on our floor several times. No problem, it's wood. On Saturday night I followed him around my parents' house to make sure he didn't shower anything valuable. Suddenly, his butt didn't look quite normal. As he was toddling around, he was also pooping (it's really amazing that he really can poop anywhere, in any position, during any activity). My mom, sister, Nate, and I all watched the deed, chasing him around the house. My mom had the worst job: she tailed this "tail" with a napkin in an attempt to catch it. My god, that kid is cute, even when he's pooping while naked.

In other news, I found about 20 articles for my literature review this afternoon. Lotso work for this week. Plus, I'll step inside the Goodall Public Library in Ogallala for the first time in years to browse Time magazine for the morning. Hopefully I'll have a good, productive week. If not, I'm sure I'll write about it.

Oh poop. It never ceases to be funny.

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