10 April 2008

Life's a Bear

This is a rather arbitrary day to start a blog since there have been so many momentous days in my life over the past year.

I could have started when I was training for a marathon (May 2006-October 2006); when I first learned I was pregnant (November 2006); when the morning sickness ceased and a nice, easy pregnancy followed (January 2007); on the day we moved into the Wacky Shack in Austin (July 2007); on the day my amazing son, Benny, was born (July 25, 2007); after I was discharged from the hospital where I was diagnosed with postpartum depression (October 2007); on our decision to leave Austin for Denver, a move that seemed necessary given the recent events in our lives (November 2007); when I became a PhD candidate after passing my comprehensive exams (March 2008). Yes, it’s certainly been quite a year with lots to write about.

I guess this blog marks the beginning my experience writing my dissertation punctuated by playing at the park with Benny, watching him grow and develop everyday, spending more time with my family, valuing time with my friends, and just carrying on with life in general.

Never once did I think I would be a graduate student with a child. Never did I think I would be a mom at all. Parenthood seems like something you do when you grow up. I am still in school, for the love of god. If that’s not a good excuse to stay immature and self-centered, I’m not sure what is. That positive pregnancy test sure changed many things.

So, here I am: A mom at 30. With a husband, a Volvo station wagon, and a nearly 9-month-old bundle of laughs, smiles, wails, shrieks, and all things baby. And I’m trying to write a dissertation. What was I thinking?

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