16 May 2012

Body Image and Re-Image

Over on (never home)maker today, Ashley covers the topic of body image after baby. Strangely, I thought of my own skewed body image today. I had an annual exam and had my first real "weigh in" since Lila's birth (nearly 20 months ago!). I probably lost all of my "baby weight" awhile ago. However, my shape has never really returned to "normal."

At the doctor's office today, my weight was actually two pounds lighter than my pre-baby weight. To look at my stomach and thighs, however, you wouldn't know it. And sometimes this bothers me. But mostly it doesn't. Sure, I wish I could proudly wear a bikini. Sure, I don't love my "roll." After 20 months I'm kind of over it. I'm running and biking and walking. I'm doing the best I can and I'm still enjoying myself.

I guess the whole point is that I'm getting over it - my body issues. It's taken nearly 35 years to get to this place. And it hasn't been easy. In fact, my teenage years were downright painful. Sometimes I think age and self-reflection and mental health interventions (by way of medications, exercise, talking, etc.) have been the most effective "cures" for me.

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