01 May 2012

May Style Experiment

Let me be the first to say it: "I am not a style icon." I know, I know, you're surprised. "Why, Sara," you say, "all those khaki shorts and T-shirts are so becoming on you." Well, thank you for noticing. Since about high school my wardrobe has consisted of cotton, cotton, cotton by way of sweatshirts, T-shirts and jeans. Only recently have I decided to experiment a bit. Some days I'm successful. Other days,  not so much.

My biggest problem, I've come to realize, is that I don't really like to shop. Oh, and kids. I know there are some stylin' moms out there, but I have a hard time getting dressed up knowing that I'll likely be playing in sand, running around, getting food thrown at me, etc., at any given moment on any given day. It has helped to follow several ladies who have approachable and seemingly affordable style. Lately I've been digging on Kendi Everyday, A Pretty Penny, To Be Worn, and What Would a Nerd Wear? (sadly the latter blog is no longer).

I found out about a "challenge" on a style blog today that seems manageable given my constraints. I'd like to wear more of my clothes in my closet, look more fashionable, all the while not really shopping for any new stuff (aside from Target, of course).

So, I'll be participating in "Style Me May" from Bow Ties and Bettys. I won't be following the Instagram part because I don't have an account and don't really feel the need to get one. However, I'll try to post the outfits on this space from time to time. Wish me luck!

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