23 May 2012

Preppy Pearls

Preppy top
Preppy bottom

Confession time, again. I haven't been very good about following the Style Me May Challenge. I am now working from home, so I am taking full advantage of the "do not get ready" aspect of the situation. However, I did find something "preppy." It was hard, but tying a sweater around my neck seemed to do the trick. Please note: I only wore my sweater like that for the pictures.

Oddly enough, yesterday's challenge was pearls. I own one pearl. Not a strand or a bracelet, but one solitary pearl on a chain. I wore it on my wedding day. It was quite serendipitous that yesterday was my anniversary. I've worn this pearl for (nearly) every anniversary since. It is quite timeless.

Several people have asked what we did for our anniversary. We considered getting a babysitter and going out for dinner. Then we considered taking the kids out to dinner. We settled on Taco Tuesday at our house. Then we watched some friends' kids for an hour or so and put our kids to bed. After cleaning up the house, we sat down outside and enjoyed a delicious bottle of wine and some chocolate cupcakes. Then we talked about our life together: our kids, our house, our professional lives. And we came to the conclusion that the past eight years, while not without challenges, have been pretty damn good. It was the perfect celebration of our relationship.

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