21 May 2012

Lucky No. 8

Eight miles down! And by myself. I'm pretty proud to have run eight miles on my own. I haven't run that far by myself since training for the Chicago Marathon six years ago. We'll see how my body (and mind) holds up next week for 10.

I haven't registered for any races ... yet. If I can run 10 without a problem, I'll be more confident.

In other running news, I volunteered for the Girls on the Run 5K last weekend. Girls on the Run is a great organization that is part mentor, part coach for young girls. It emphasizes healthy habits and self-esteem. I hope to be able to coach next year!


Simply Bike said...

Yay for 8 miles! I look forward to one day covering those kinds of distances again. sigh... It sounds like running is going great for you and that's awesome about the Girls on the Run, they are indeed a great organization!


Debbie said...

It isn't actually covering the distance, it is finding the time and energy to go for the long run in the first place! Congrats to you!