09 May 2012

Doctored Photos

Last Friday, I managed to "style" myself in a "Always Get Complimented" outfit, which is feat in itself since I rarely wear more than a T-shirt and shorts on Fridays with the kids. When my parents visited India they brought me back this great shirt. I don't always get complimented on it, but I did on Friday. Yes!

May 4 - Always Gets Complimented

I powered through Saturday as best I could with a stomach flu. We even participated in the Park Hill Family Bike Ride, a great monthly local event. Benny and Lila had fun. We rode over to some friends' for a BBQ in the evening. I couldn't really eat or drink, but the kids played so hard they went to bed without any argument. I missed out on the "Put a Scarf on It" portion of Style Me May. Scarves don't do well with the yaks.

We all woke up early Sunday morning, so we headed to one of our new favorite breakfast joints, Jelly, and had a great breakfast. I did not "Layer Jewelry." And it's a good thing because my jewelry is far from layerable. I would have ended up with two rings on one finger or something hideous like that.

Got started on Monday again...

May 7 - Around the World
A bracelet from a dear friend in China
May 9 - Used to Scare You (scarf and jean jacket ...
... with a business skirt and black pumps - EEK!)

P.S. Know how to cure bad photos? Put a weird ass filter on them a la Instagram and voila! they look artsy fartsy.

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