02 May 2012

Welcome to the Interweb, Struckman Consulting!

Wait no longer! The Struckman Consulting website is LIVE. Do you recognize the design? I'm pretty limited on my website design skills and stuck pretty close to home with this one.

Oh, and Struckman Consulting is on Facebook. Such a social little consulting firm. Feel free to visit the website and like my business on Facebook. I need to start spreading the word...

I'm finishing up with my first client next week and starting with another client in two weeks. My hours will be reduced a little, but I'm not worried. I'm trying to take contracts as they come and not get too worried about work flow ... yet. The timing is actually pretty perfect. I'll be reducing the days the kids are in daycare for the summer. More time for family bike rides, trips to the pool and all sorts of fun stuff. I can't wait.

If you have a second, let me know what you think of the Struckman Consulting site. Does it make sense? Is it attractive? And, most importantly, would you hire me? You would? Gee, thanks.

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