28 May 2012

SB 2013

Spring Break has come and gone again - just like it does every year. The girls and I celebrated our 8th reunion this year. Ah-mazing, considering that we live all over the world (Minneapolis, Denver, San Francisco and Singapore!), two of us have kids and all of us have busy, busy lives. But every year we make it work.

We spent a wonderful weekend in Minneapolis. Pretty Girl is a great host. Our activities have changed pretty dramatically over the course of eight years, however. From going out dancing and partying into the wee hours to staying in, watching a movie and crawling into bed by 11 p.m. Looking forward to next year already!

SB 2010 - Katie and I are preggers.
SB 2011 - Missing a lady for the first time in 7 years. Katie was in China.
SB 2011 - Lila took Katie's place this year.
SB 2012 - Katie, expecting her 2nd daughter in a month or so!

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