24 May 2012

Things I Love RIGHT Now

1. The Tuscan from Spinelli's Market. Currently munching on the turkey, pear, pesto, arugula, goat cheese, French bread goodness. I also love Spinelli's in general.

2. My $3 jean jacket from Goodwill. I feel so stylish and so thrifty all at once. It's come in very handy this spring.

3. The used Burley bike trailer we bought from a neighbor. We've already put countless miles on it.

4. Our push lawn mower. I love that it gives me a workout and I'm not using any power sources (other than my own) to operate it.

5. The sock bun. What a great idea - and so easy to execute!

Day 24 of Style Me May - New 'Do

8. The never-ending supply of fresh lettuce and other greens from our jardin de printemps.

9. And last, but certainly not least, I love the current phases my kids are in. Lila says te-te-tur when she sees helicopters and says "bye bye" to them. Benny adds extra letters to specific words: He calls the Blazer the "Blazered" and The Arcade Fire "L'Arcade Fire," as though it's French. I love going on bike rides with Benny. He talks to me nonstop and tells me about things he never thinks to tell me any other time of the day. Lila is so excited to come home at the end of the day, telling her caretakers, "This is MY mommy!"

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