28 January 2013

Learning to Ride without Training Wheels

If you have a child between 2-3 years of age and you think he/she is ready to start learning balance for biking DO NOT buy him/her a bike with training wheels.

When Benny was small, I remember seeing a couple of kids ride balance bikes to the park. Then we moved into our house and the boy down the street could totally rock his balance bike - and fast. We signed up to the revolution and bought Benny a balance bike for his third birthday. He wasn't too keen at it at first. Turns out that kids need to learn balance (shocking) and a balance bike is the perfect tool to practice because kids can feel secure with their feet on the ground and gradually learn to balance.

By the time Benny was three and a half, he could ride long distances on his balance bike. By the time he was four and a half, it was clear that he was almost ready for a bike.

I wrote about Benny's first (successful) bike ride here. When Benny was ready, Nate held the back of his bike for less than a block and Benny took off. No struggling, no falling, no crying. Just fun.

And Zulily has Strider bikes on sale today! Don't miss out! Once the weather is more predictable and we have time in the evenings, we'll strap on Lila's helmet and watch her start learning how to balance on the bike.


heidi said...

We need to do this. We got training wheels for Ian and should have just gone for it.

Sara Struckman said...

I couldn't believe how easy having a balance bike helped Benny learn. Peer pressure was also a huge incentive - two kids on our block could ride and Benny felt left out.