31 January 2013

January #everydayonabike Review

January is a few hours from being over. Hard to believe, but also exciting - for it means that spring is nearly here (well, after February that is). I'm counting down the days until March 10 when we can spring forward on our clocks and enjoy an extra hour of sunlight! Also, Lila starts at Benny's old daycare at the end of March, so there's a lot to look forward to post-February. Not that any of that is relevant here.

Although I didn't collect photos from every day this month for #everydayonabike, I'm only missing pictures from five days. Not too shabby. Maybe I should have called it #almosteverydayonabike? Allow me break it down for you:

53 photos posted // 31 photos tagged by others // 22 photos tagged by me // 10 contributors

I'm a little amazed about how this challenge has changed the way I think about biking. I'm much more likely to hop on my bike for everyday tasks now than I was before the challenge. I'm much more likely to ride in cold weather. If nothing else, it's been a great motivator.

Also, congrats to @mrsweichbrodt for winning the $10 Starbucks gift card. Be sure to email me your address and I'll put the gift card in the mail for you!

Stay tuned for the February #everydayonabike theme and drawing! Thanks to everyone who participated this month:

@familyride // @shaggybrownie // @cathope // @runbobbierun // @emfritz 
@mrsweichbrodt // @simplybike // @annabhu // @smilingcolleen // @sallylhunt


Simply Bike said...

What a great challenge! I wish I could have participated more but as you got to see, Iowa weather hasn't been the best. I'm hopeful for a more bike-friendly February.

Sara Struckman said...

If I lived in Iowa, I don't think I would have biked AT ALL this month! I'm impressed that you and Bobbie logged miles on your bikes this month! Looking forward to more photos as the weather becomes more bike friendly!