29 January 2013

The Potty Chronicles // No More Diapers!(?)

Before you get too excited about what that means, let me throw in a caveat: No more cloth diapers. I just put my last load of cloth diapers in the washing machine. No joke. I haven't been using them very regularly for the past few months. You better believe that this mama is super excited about the end of cloth diapers in this house!

 For the past few days, Lila has been rocking the underwear, so we haven't used many diapers at all.

We have a few disposable diapers left, so we're saving those for night time. And I've been waiting to use up the leftover pull ups that we used for Benny (stored up in the closet for nearly two years now!).

I'm not celebrating just yet. Lila still has her fair share of accidents and I have to remind her nearly hourly to sit on the potty. But, we're making progress. And progress is good.

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