16 January 2013

Cold S-Nap

Holy doodles it was cold this weekend! Sub-15 degrees for a good three days. Although I claimed that the cold doesn't bother me while riding, I couldn't muster the motivation to hop on my bike in that kind of chill (plus there was ice on the ground). So, there was some radio silence on the #everdyaonabike challenge this weekend. I'm back at it today, though, and loving every minute of it.

I'm a little surprised by how much I missed my short rides. I've grown to increasingly appreciate that biking makes me get outside during the winter months. Dottie, at Let's Go Ride a Bike, explained it the best today:

"I am the happiest and calmest version of myself, bicycling on a crystal clear winter day."

Although I don't have pictures for the past two days on #everydayonabike, the challenge moves on and I'm more determined to ride and make up for lost time.

Don't forget to post your own bike pictures to Instagram and tag them with #everydayonabike!

Also, check out the new Bike Challenge page on the tabs section. Happy riding!

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