11 January 2013

Winter Riding

It's not really fair to say that I've been "winter riding." The weather in Denver has been far too nice for that.

I don't mind riding in the cold. The lowest temperature I've ridden in so far this winter is 25. I won't ride in temperatures lower than that with the kids. No, my biggest problem with winter riding is precipitation. I'm a wuss about riding with any kind of precipitation on the road - particularly ice. I know there are things I can do to have a better winter biking experience, but I'm not willing to buy a new bike with fat tires (yet) or other accouterments for winter biking. (I'm so amazed by Miss Sarah at Girls and Bicycles who rides nearly all year in Edmonton, Alberta and Dottie of Let's Go Ride a Bike who commutes year-round in Chicago!) So, I'm crossing my fingers that the weather will continue to be mild and what ice and snow that we do have melts quickly.

With that said, it's snowing now and it's supposed to be 15 degrees all weekend. The Everyday on a Bike Challenge continues and someone has posted a picture for every single day of this month: A huge feat in the winter months. I'm hoping that the contributors in warm climates are able to keep it up this weekend, because I really doubt I'll be on the bike for the next three days!

I have run across some interesting articles about making it easier to ride - wherever and whoever you are.

What's keeping you from riding this winter? Schedule? Weather? Equipment? Or, are you powering through the cold temperatures in anticipation of spring-time rides? If you are powering through, don't forget to document it, post it on Instagram with the tag of #everydayonabike. Happy (cold) riding!

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