23 January 2013

Unexpected Road Trip

Wasting time with stuffed animals // Playing outside on the road
Putting the pen to paper for some good ol' fashioned entertainment
Hanging out with old friends and new // Bossing Uncle Matt around
Posing with all of the Hall cousins // Sleeping in briefly before our last day on the road
Driving across western Nebraska // Getting silly with one hour left!

And we're home! I should  be getting caught up on work. Posting something about our road trip seems like more fun. Although we traveled to Iowa for a sad event, we made the most of the trip. Some of the stats:

Days on the road // 4.5
Total hours in the car // 26
Meals on the road // 12
Home-cooked meals // 4
Meals at locally owned restaurants // 5
Meals at chain restaurants // 1
Meals at hotels // 2
Friends and family visited // 23
Different beds slept in // 4
Coffee stops // 3 (shockingly!)
New friends met // 2 (more about this in another post)
Hours spent on the floor in a dark hotel room working on Tuesday's lecture // 2

I'm so happy and thankful that we were able to make the trip back. It's important to make time for family and to remember Nana Lila's legacy. It's hard to say goodbye, but it's easy to remember that she's such a big part of why Iowa is a special place.

On a related note, thank you for the kind words and thoughts about Nana Lila.

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